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It's Time for Personalized Tourniquet Systems

They deliver more efficient application of cuff pressure to the limb, letting you use lower and safer tourniquet pressures.

Posted 07/24/15 | Jim McEwen, PhD | Post a comment

4 Arthroscopy Game-Changers

From 4K to biologics, these advances are improving case efficiencies and surgical outcomes.

Posted 07/24/15 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Inside Our Outpatient Total Joints Program

Sending patients home hours after knee or hip replacement is ortho's hottest trend.

Posted 07/24/15 | Mark Gittins, DO | 3 comments

Arthroscopy's 3 Hidden Advances

These features have greatly benefited minimally invasive joint repair.

Posted 07/09/15 | Eloy Ochoa Jr, MD | Post a comment

Objects of Orthopedic Desire

An afternoon spent browsing the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons exhibit hall.

Posted 05/13/15 | Charles Sikes, MD | Post a comment


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