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Laser Cataract Surgery

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The Surgeons' Lounge: Laser Cataracts

What Motivates Patients to Choose Laser Cataract Surgery?

Posted 09/09/14 | Sandy Clingan Smith | Post a comment

Eyeing the Potential Of Laser Cataract Surgery

Improved outcomes might lead to more widespread use of the game-changing technology.

Posted 03/25/14 | James Salz, MD | Post a comment

A Closer Look at Laser Cataract Surgery

Is the technology right for your facility?

Posted 02/11/13 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

Laser Cataract Surgery On the Go

Ophthalmic outsourcing firm launches mobile femtosecond laser unit.

Posted 12/20/12 | Post a comment

Laser Cataracts

Will bladeless surgery catch on?

Posted 11/05/12 | Daniel Cook, Executive Editor | 3 comments

Will Lasers Improve Cataract Surgery Outcomes?

The potential of femtosecond laser technology is generating a buzz in ophthalmic circles.

Posted 11/13/10 | Daniel Cook, Executive Editor | Post a comment

Laser Cataract Surgery: The New "It" Technology?

Femtosecond lasers could improve results with toric and multifocal IOLs.

Posted 04/16/10 | Post a comment

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