Hernia Surgery

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Achieving Better Hernia Outcomes

Choosing the most appropriate surgical mesh for each individual patient.

Posted 08/12/19 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Mesh-y Situation

Controversy in hernia repair puts you and your surgeons at the front lines of patient education.

Posted 03/14/19 | Matthew Nojiri | 1 comment

How to Answer Patients' Hernia Mesh Questions

Amongst fear and fabrication, be the voice of reason.

Posted 10/16/18 | Shirin Towfigh, MD, FACS | Post a comment

Getting a Grip on Hernia Mesh Fixation

Reliable options abound for keeping mesh in its proper place after hernia repair.

Posted 11/02/17 | Mark A. Reiner, MD | Post a comment

The Case for Robotic Hernia

They're a minimally invasive opportunity for the vast majority of surgeons who haven't had a chance to master laparoscopic hernia repair.

Posted 08/02/17 | Shirin Towfigh, MD, FACS | 3 comments

Torn Between Two Meshes

Hernia mesh options are no longer just biologics or conventional — you have new options for more complex cases.

Posted 11/30/16 | Bruce Ramshaw, MD, FACS | Post a comment

In Search of the Perfect Hernia Repair

The latest mesh options and fixation techniques are making surgery safer and more efficient.

Posted 05/06/16 | Kendal Gapinski, Contributing Editor | 3 comments

Customize Your Hernia Repairs

There's no one-size-fits-all best technique.

Posted 05/13/15 | Bruce Ramshaw, MD, FACS | Post a comment

Managing Post-Op Hernia Pain

Better mesh placement and preventative pain control contribute to faster discharges and happier patients.

Posted 02/21/14 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | 1 comment

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