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General Surgery

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Microlaparoscopy: A Shortcut to Better Outcomes

It's time to think small when it comes to certain procedures.

Posted 09/03/15 | Aurora Pryor, MD | Post a comment

Infection Prevention: It Pays to Irrigate the Abdominal Cavity

It's an often overlooked, highly effective way to prevent infection.

Posted 07/09/15 | Gary Biesecker, MD, FACS | Post a comment

What's New in Minimally Invasive Surgery?

It's all about improved visualization and less trauma at this year's SAGES Annual Meeting.

Posted 06/04/15 | Aurora Pryor, MD | Post a comment

What Surgeons Want in Their Staplers

It's a short list: no malfunctions and no leakage.

Posted 11/13/14 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Yes, You Can Do Outpatient Colectomy

Technology and post-op care are changing the length of stay for patients after colorectal surgery.

Posted 10/02/14 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Daytime is Best for Lap Choles

Overnight, they're more likely to convert to open cases.

Posted 09/30/14 | 3 comments

Hospitals Across the Country Vary Substantially in Their Use of Laparoscopy

Despite lower complication rates, study finds that some hospitals aren't performing minimally invasive surgery as often as they could.

Posted 07/09/14 | Post a comment


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