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How to Stock Your MH Carts

Your staff needs easy access to rescue medications and essential supplies when the patient's life hangs in the balance.

Mike Morsch

Mike Morsch, Associate Editor


Jonathan Rodriguez/UNC REX Healthcare
GROUP EFFORT Surgical teams preparing to manage an MH crisis must have access to an organized MH cart.

The anesthesiologist stirs and looks up at the capnograph, watching as the patient's end-tidal CO2 climbs steadily past 55 mmHg. Not good, he thinks, his brow furrowing with the first traces of concern. He reaches out and tries to open the patient's jaw, but the rigid masseter muscle has forced it shut. The anesthesiologist anxiously glances over his shoulder at the vital signs monitor and zeroes in on the patient's rapidly increasing heart rate, the numbers climbing in concert with the thump, thump, thumping of his own chest.

It's happening.

"We've got an MH event on our hands," he calls out, calmly but forcefully. "Let's move, people. This is the real deal." How long would it take for your team to roll an MH cart into the room, open its drawers and pull together the supplies needed to reconstitute dantrolene, the one drug that can save the patient's life? The difference between pats on the back for a job well done and a long walk to the waiting room could literally depend on how often you make sure your MH cart is fully stocked and properly organized.

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