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Anesthesia Alert: One Simple Trick to Preempt Post-op Pain

The magic of a 50 mg dissociative dose of ketamine just before incision.

Posted 03/15/17 | Barry L. Friedberg, MD | 6 comments

Anesthesia Alert: Key Takeaways From the New OSA Guidelines

What the latest obstructive sleep apnea recommendations mean to you.

Posted 01/31/17 | Jim Burger, Senior Editor | Post a comment

Anesthesia Alert: Take the Fear Out of Mask Induction for Kids

How to help your pediatric patients get over their fear of going under.

Posted 10/03/16 | Diane Manzella Miller, MHS, CRNA | 12 comments

The Future of Anesthesia

Our experts weigh in on the innovations, attitudes and practices they see down the road.

Posted 10/03/16 | Jim Burger, Senior Editor | 3 comments

Should We Use Video Laryngoscopes for All Intubations?

Why relegate the tool that gives you the best chance for success when difficult intubations arise to a backup role?

Posted 09/09/16 | Erik Rauch, CRNA, DNP, NSPM-C, DAAPM | Post a comment

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