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General Anesthesia

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Difficult Airways

Are you prepared for the challenging intubations that you can't predict?

Posted 03/31/15 | Anthony J. Chipas, CRNA, PhD | 1 comment

Surgeons' Lounge: Pushing Propofol

5 Arguments Against RN-Administered Propofol

Posted 03/04/15 | Perry V. Ruspantine, CRNA, APRN | Post a comment

Intubate With Care

Nothing ruins a patient's surgical experience like broken teeth, cut lips and airway bleeding.

Posted 12/29/14 | William Landess | Post a comment

The Surgeons' Lounge: A Safer Anesthetic

Will Phaxan Challenge Propofol's Dominance?

Posted 12/02/14 | Jim Burger, Associate Editor | 3 comments

Anesthesia Alert: 4 Keys to My Anesthesia Technique

My patients wake up faster with less pain and fewer complications.

Posted 11/13/14 | Jeff Cryder, BS, BSN, MSA | 3 comments

Video and Imaging Equipment

Images With This Monitor Are Truly True to Life

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