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Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Bariatric Surgery Economics

From equipment to supplies, what does it cost to do gastric bypass procedures?

Posted 10/10/07 | Outpatient Surgery Editors | Post a comment

6 Bariatric Procedures: An Overview

What you need to know about the most common and the most investigational techniques.

Posted 10/10/07 | Yasmine Iqbal, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

Succeeding at Outpatient Gastric Bypass

How one facility is breaking the inpatient barrier and sending 75 percent of patients home within 23 hours of surgery.

Posted 10/10/07 | Todd McCarty, MD | Post a comment

The Skinny on Post-bariatric Surgery

Caring for the growing body of patients who need plastic surgery to regain their shapes after weight-loss surgery.

Posted 10/10/07 | Richard T. Vagley | 1 comment

How We Became a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

Inside our hospital's quest to gain this elite status for our surgical weight-loss program.

Posted 10/10/07 | Daniel Herron, MD, FACS | 3 comments

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