Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Obesity Device Drains a Portion of Stomach Contents After Meals Into the Toilet

The AspireAssist obesity device consists of a tube that connects the inside of the stomach to a port outside of the abdomen.

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Was Suspended Mass. Obesity Surgeon a Threat or a Life-Saver?

Several controversies surround the case of Sheldon Randall, MD.

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Study: Combination Therapy Reduces PONV After Bariatric Surgery

Zofran and aprepitant slashed incidence to 3%.

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Study: After Bariatric Surgery, Alcohol Abuse More Likely

Researchers theorize that shrinking stomach more sensitive to alcohol.

Posted 06/19/12 | 1 comment

Bariatric Surgery Benefits Diabetic Patients

Studies see greater improvement from surgery than from standard treatments.

Posted 03/29/12 | 1 comment

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