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Innovations in ENT Surgery

What you need to know about middle ear endoscopy, virtual reality sinus navigation and a new sleep apnea surgery.

Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook, Executive Editor


Category: Outpatient Surgery > ENT
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
BANG THE EARDRUM SLOWLY The light source at the tip of the endoscope provides a greater degree of transillumination of the middle and inner ear.

The latest innovations in ear, nose and throat surgery could put your facility head and shoulders above the competition. Here’s a rundown of 3 new developments in ENT surgery from leading head and neck surgeons.

1 Endoscopic ear surgery (EES)

ENT surgical microscopes, which provide illumination and visualization along a single line of sight, still have a place in today’s ORs, but endoscopic ear surgery (EES) is emerging as the future of inner ear interventions because surgeons who operate through the ear canal with an endoscope can see around bony corners. That’s a tremendous benefit when diagnosing and treating chronic ear infection conditions or finding and removing cysts that grow behind the eardrum, says Elliot Kozin, MD, an otolaryngologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Worcester, Mass.

While visualizing and excising cysts with a surgical microscope often requires removing large amounts of bone through an incision made behind the ear, the endoscope lets surgeons see into the recesses of the inner ear where they could previously not see with a microscope, says Dr. Kozin, letting surgeons remove some growths directly through the ear canal with minimal bone removal.

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