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With the right image-guided platform and microscope, you can set your facility up for future success.

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Roadmap for Success
ROADMAP FOR SUCCESS Image-guided technology is developing into the standard of care and is a key investment for your facility.

Outpatient ENT requires high levels of efficiency, a great attention to detail and a supremely talented surgical team with an in-depth knowledge of the instrumentation and technology these delicate cases require. If you're considering constructing a new ENT facility or remodeling an OR so you can host procedures from as basic as ear tube placement to as complex as image-guided sinus surgery, you'll need to invest in a couple key pieces of capital equipment: an image-guided system and a microscope. Here's what you need to consider.

Surgical navigation

Image-guided systems let surgeons move through the sinus cavity as if they're being directed by GPS, says Wayne Shaia, MD, an otologist and neurotologist who operates at Medarva Stony Point's surgery centers in Richmond, Va.

Computer-guided systems work off of pre-op MRI and CT scans of the patient's sinus anatomy that are loaded into the image-guided computer system, which projects anatomical landmarks of a patient's sinus onto a monitor in the OR. As surgeons operate, they can track how far they're progressing along a pre-planned surgical pathway and know exactly where their instruments are located as they maneuver around delicate structures in the sinus cavity.

Computer-guided systems come with 2 basic instrument options:

ยท Electromagnetic guidance. Surgeons don't need to maintain a direct line of sight between instruments and the image processor. They typically must use proprietary instruments, however, and the surgical team must keep metal items away from the patient in order to avoid interfering with the system's electromagnetic field.

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