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Court: Patient May Pursue Malpractice Claim Over Electrosurgery Burn

Woman whose arm was burned during hysterectomy is suing hospital, surgeon.

Posted 12/28/10 | Post a comment

Practical Electrosurgery Buying Tips

Your surgeons will probably want an electrosurgery unit from a familiar manufacturer, but keep in mind who else handles these units.

Posted 04/11/10 | Marlene Brunswick, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

Evaluating Your Tissue Cutting and Sealing Options

The latest devices work on much larger vessels, making them valuable tools in a growing number of specialties.

Posted 05/10/09 | Paul G. Curcillo II, MD, FACS | Post a comment

Take Our Electrosurgery Safety Quiz

Find out if you know how to protect patients from getting burned by high-frequency current.

Posted 02/07/09 | Charlene DiNobile, RN, Med, CNOR, CNAA, CST | 5 comments

Don't Get Burned By Electrosurgery

Device failures and operator errors can pose serious risks to patients. Here are the keys to understanding the dangers of electrosurgery.

Posted 12/02/08 | Jim Keller | Post a comment

Thinking of Buying...Electrosurgery Safety Devices

How to prevent internal thermal injuries during laparoscopic surgery.

Posted 10/28/08 | Vangie Dennis, RN, CNOR, CMLSO | 1 comment

How to Do Electrosurgery Safely

Posted 06/09/08 | George Vilos, MD | Post a comment

Issues in Electrosurgery

Experts tackly four questions regarding this common technique.

Posted 06/09/08 | Bill Meltzer | Post a comment

A Guide to Testing Your Electrosurgery Instruments

Tips for keeping your insulation intact.

Posted 06/09/08 | Kristin McKee, Associate Editor | 1 comment

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