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Why Was This N.J. Pain Management Doc Barred From Practice?

Investigators say she displayed erratic and delusional behavior and smelled of alcohol while practicing.

Posted 12/01/17 | 2 comments

Researchers Say a Lack of Education Leads Patients to Overestimate Their Post-op Pain

"Patients likely overestimate pain due to a lack of understanding of the surgical procedure, fear and anxiety," say researchers.

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How We Negotiated Our Own Bundled Payments for Total Joints

These surgeons saw the coming of same-day joints and value-based payments.

Posted 11/29/17 | Stephen Lucey, MD | Post a comment

12 Hot New Anesthesia Products

These devices on display in the American Society of Anesthesiologists exhibit hall could help your anesthesia providers deliver great care.

Posted 11/29/17 | Gregory Hickman, MD | Post a comment

A Drug Diverter Comes Clean

A CRNA's story of how he got away with stealing fentanyl — and how easily someone should have caught him.

Posted 11/29/17 | Rodrigo Garcia, APN, MBA, MSN, CRNA, ACIT | Post a comment

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