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The Surgeons' Lounge: Laser Cataracts

What Motivates Patients to Choose Laser Cataract Surgery?

Posted 09/09/14 | Sandy Clingan Smith | Post a comment

Can Outpatient Prostatectomy Be Done?

Same-day discharge after prostate cancer removal is possible, but challenges remain.

Posted 09/09/14 | Rich Kirkner, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

Can the Right Anesthesia Machine Save You Money?

You'll breathe easier when you separate wants and needs.

Posted 09/09/14 | Jim Burger, Associate Editor | Post a comment

10 Tips for Supraglottic Airways

How to handle the challenges of a challenging intubation.

Posted 09/09/14 | Mike MacKinnon, CRNA | Post a comment

Patient and Employee Safety

Keep Patients Safe With These Economical Skin Markers

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