Video and Imaging Equipment

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The Case for Image-Guided ENT

Even experienced docs gain confidence in one of surgery's most delicate specialties.

Posted 12/20/13 | Jeffrey S. Wolf, MD, FACS | Post a comment

Laparoscopic Visualization Leaps Forward

Imaging advances and improved access ease surgeons' burdens.

Posted 12/20/13 | Jim Burger, Senior Editor | Post a comment

Ultra High Definition Is Coming to the OR

Imagine seeing images at 4 times the resolution of today's high-definition video displays.

Posted 12/20/13 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Crystal Clear

Are your ORs filled with the latest imaging technologies?

Posted 11/05/13 | James Atkinson, MD | Post a comment

Reduce Your Radiation Exposure

6 steps to steer clear of imaging's invisible threat.

Posted 09/20/13 | Stephen Balter, PhD | 1 comment

Here's to Better Laparoscopic Views

A review of the milestones that have helped advance the quality of the images laparoscopic surgeons work with.

Posted 09/09/13 | Gerald Fried, MD | Post a comment

From the Site to the Sight

How imaging advances are improving surgical views.

Posted 07/10/13 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

Iowa Nurses Cleared to Supervise Fluoroscopy Procedures

Proponents of a recent court ruling say it will improve access to needed care and help lower healthcare costs.

Posted 06/05/13 | Post a comment

Improve the View

Surgeons who see better, perform better.

Posted 03/13/13 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

Primer on Video Integration

What you need to know, from camera tip to monitor — and everything in between.

Posted 02/11/13 | Chris Counts | Post a comment

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