Archive July 2017 XVIII, No. 7

Product News

Hands-Free Scalpel Blade Remover

Hands-Free Scalpel Blade Remover
Safely remove up to 5 blades from scalpels without the need to touch the blade with the Bard-Parker Scalpel Blade Remover. It features an audible and tactile response to ensure that the blade is safely secure in the device before you remove the scalpel handle. A clear lid makes it easy to count blades that you've removed. Adhesive backing secures to any surface, including drapes.

Overhead Light System Purifies Air

Airborne Infection Control: Overhead Light System Purifies Air 24/7
It looks like an ordinary overhead light fixture, but it's really a continuous air purification system called UV24 from surgical lighting manufacturer Nuvo. Using UV-C and filtration, the UV24 can neutralize nearly 100% of airborne pathogens than can cause hospital-acquired infections, says the company. Because it's built within the casing of a standard-sized overhead light fixture (fluorescent or LED), the UV24 can operate in any occupied space 24/7 without any risk of UV exposure, and without taking up valuable floor or counter space.

Position the Shoulder

Position the Shoulder Precisely How Your Surgeon Wants It
The Tri-Pull Secure Shoulder Solution provides surgeons maximum rotation control in shoulder surgeries. The Tri-Pull is made up of 3 systems: the Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner, the De Mayo RoTractor and the Phase 4 Gel Splint. These systems work independently or together to secure, distract and control rotation of the shoulder precisely how the surgeon wants it. Innovative Medical Products says you can use the systems with many manufacturers' positioning products.

Nutrition Drinks

Nutrition Drinks Prime Patients for Surgery and Recovery
As experts question the wisdom of patients fasting the night before surgery, Abbott has introduced a pair of nutritional drinks that it says preps patients' bodies for invasive procedures and faster recoveries. Patients can drink Ensure Surgery Immunonutrition shakes — which are packed with protein, arginine and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil — during the week leading up to surgery to promote tissue repair, enhance immune health, improve wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. The Ensure Pre-Surgery clear nutrition drink, a complex carbohydrate liquid that patients can drink up to 2 hours before procedures, promotes gastric emptying and reduces post-op insulin resistance.

Protect Delicate Instruments

Protect Those Delicate Instruments
Healthmark's single-use Window Style Tip Protector safeguards small sharp and fragile surgical instruments during sterilization. Manufactured from paper and heat-resistant up to 275° F, the 50 x 125 mm protectors feature a transparent polyethylene pouch that secures the tip of the instrument. • $34 for a box of 100

Disposable, Self-Propelled Colonoscope

A Disposable, Self-Propelled Colonoscope
The Aer-O-Scope is a disposable, self-propelled, joystick-controlled colonoscope. It's FDA-approved, but won't be available in the United States until 2018. Physicians plug it into a bedside workstation, which supplies the device with power, water, suction and the gas that drives the self-propelled pneumatic intubation. A joystick lets physicians easily maneuver the scanner through the colon's twists and turns on the way to the cecum. Two working channels allow for the use of therapeutic tools, such as snares and forceps, to take biopsies or to perform polypectomies. The scanner at the tip provides physicians with 360° views of the mucosa surface and looks behind folds in the colon wall.

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