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>Augmented Reality ENT Navigation

Augmented Reality ENT Navigation
ENT surgeons can guide their tools safely toward difficult-to-reach targets using Scopis's Target-Guided Surgery. The technology maps out pathways to anatomical targets by overlaying computer-generated images onto the surgeon's endoscopic view. The technology tracks the head in real time using optical and electromagnetic techniques, automatically aligning previously captured imagery with real-time data coming from the scope.

Sticky Pad

Sticky Pad Holds Patients in Place
To position patients for Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg robotic bariatric surgery, a sticky pad may be a stronger, safer alternative than memory foam positioning pads, says Innovative Medical Products, makers of the TrenMax system. TrenMax's key component is IMP's proprietary Sticky Pad, which adheres directly to the patient's torso and fastens to the OR table's side rails to prevent the patient from moving or sliding. TrenMax has more than twice the coefficient of friction as memory-foam positioners, says the company, so it's capable of providing secure positioning for patients of almost any size patient and at any angle. TrenMax also has an arm-strap system that permits access to leads and IVs.

Tissue Sealer

Ethicon Touts Enseal X1 Tissue Sealer
The Enseal X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer provides surgeons secure vessel sealing for less bleeding and precise heat management for less thermal spread, says Ethicon. The tissue sealer is designed to meet the demands of open procedures such as colectomies and hysterectomies. The device also features a large distal electrode surface area, separate seal and cut functionality, and convenient control placement for less hand movement.

wound irrigation

Protect Abdominal Wound Edges
Intraoperative wound irrigation and continuous wound edge protection are proven practices for reducing surgical site infection. Prescient Surgical's CleanCision Wound Retraction and Protection System combines the benefits of both into a single device. The sheath enables hands-free, continuous irrigation of the wound edges throughout an abdominal procedure. After the device sheath is placed into the surgical wound, its permeable outer layer delivers a sterile irrigant solution to the wound edges by way of an external fluid bag; excess fluid is removed through a separate chamber using a wall-suction unit. The inner layer of the sheath is impermeable, so surgeons have full access to the surgical site while guarding against contamination.

isolation gown

No Need to Tie One On
This isolation gown has a wraparound design and 3 arm holes instead of ties or fasteners, so you never need help putting it on. Just put your arms into the 2 sleeved arm holes, then wrap the gown around and put your left arm through the third hole, which fits over the sleeve. The gown stays in place and provides complete coverage. It's designed to fit comfortably, fold easily and dry quickly after washing.

 Port Protectors

Disinfecting Port Protectors
Why scrub a port with an alcohol pad when you can simply twist these alcohol-containing caps onto IV access points? Curos Stopper caps for open female luers such as stopcocks and catheter hubs contain a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol reservoir to disinfect against a number of microorganisms commonly associated with central line-associated bloodstream infection, says 3M. The caps' bright red color help caregivers verify at a glance that a port is clean.

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