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Lessons in Medication Labeling

Delivering the right dose at the right time starts with knowing which drug you're dealing with.

Posted 09/20/13 | Richard Novak, MD | Post a comment

The Secret to Rapid Room Turnover

Tear open an OR turnover kit for all the supplies you need to ready the room for the next case.

Posted 03/12/13 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Business Advisor

Don't Purchase Supplies Like a Nurse

Posted 05/02/12 | Beth Bozzelli, RN | 4 comments

Inside the SUD Debate

Reprocessed single-use devices are cost effective and environmentally friendly, but are they safe?

Posted 01/11/12 | 2 comments

5 Tips for More Efficient Equipment Draping

How to isolate the common surgical equipment found in your ORs.

Posted 06/12/11 | Kevin Frey | Post a comment

Reprocessing Wars

If reusing single-use devices is such a great thing, why are some device makers fuming? Probably because they're losing $250 million a year.

Posted 05/08/11 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | 2 comments

SUD Manufacturer Uses Condoms to Drive Home the Single-Use Message

Clever condom wrapper asks, "Would you reuse this?"

Posted 05/06/11 | Post a comment

What's So Special About Specialized Drapes?

Plenty. They help collect fluid, hold instruments, organize cords and fit most any procedure.

Posted 03/11/11 | Mary Wilson, BSN, RN, CNOR | 1 comment

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