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Take Our Medication Management Quiz

22 questions on pharmacology principles and safe medication practices.

Posted 05/06/16 | Sheldon S. Sones, RPh, FASCP | 1 comment

Everything In Its Place

Tips to get a grip on your inventory.

Posted 04/06/16 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | Post a comment

The Case for Pre-Packaged Medications

Patient safety is just one of many reasons you should use pre-filled syringes.

Posted 04/06/16 | Steve Vitcov, MD | Post a comment

Anatomy of a Glove Trial

Find the best fit with these 7 factors.

Posted 03/10/16 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

The New World of Drug Compounding

New regulations have improved safety, but some key distinctions are both subtle and important.

Posted 01/11/16 | John R. Karwoski, RPh, MBA | Post a comment

Make the Switch to Non-Latex Gloves

Your team will swear off latex gloves for good if you provide them with quality synthetic alternatives.

Posted 09/03/15 | Robert G. Hamilton, PhD, D(ABMLI) | 1 comment

Why Not Have Scrubs Professionally Laundered?

Research and common sense show the advantages are too many to ignore.

Posted 02/04/15 | Daniel Cook, Executive Editor | 2 comments

All Tissue Banks Are Not the Same

3 steps to ensure your grafts are safe and effective.

Posted 12/02/14 | Daniel Cook, Executive Editor | Post a comment

The Surgeons' Lounge: Malignant Hyperthermia

Is the Convenience Of a New MH Antidote Worth the Cost?

Posted 09/09/14 | Jim Burger, Associate Editor | 5 comments

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