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Peg Locking System Eliminates Wobble During Hip Surgery
The Expand-A-Peg Locking Peg eliminates peg wobble and prevents the peg from dislodging from the pegboard during hip surgery, keeping patients securely in place for the entire procedure. The peg expands the base of the peg while it's set in the pegboard hole with just a twist of the locking mechanism's cap, says Innovative Medical Products. The peg locking system is designed for IMP's modular MorphBoard Positioning System, but it's also compatible with most other pegboard systems. Comes in 4 lengths: 8, 9, 12 and 14 inches.


A Better Way to Tuck a Patient's Arms
Traditional arm tucking methods that rely on draw sheets and padding make it difficult for anesthesia providers to access the patient's arm. The iON ESPS (ergonomic surgical positioning system) for the arm adducted position uses the OR table's bedrail system for full arm support and stability. It offers continuous access to IVs, blood pressure monitoring and pulse oximetry. Plus, it doesn't "push away" surgeons from the field and protects the patient from being leaned on during surgery. | $4,000 per set, $20 disposable pads


Perform Effective Endoscopic Submucosal Dissections
Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is an increasingly popular technique of endoscopic resection that allows for en bloc removal of GI epithelial lesions, but performing ESD using conventional knives is technically difficult. Fujifilm has launched 2 devices designed to improve the safety and efficiency of ESDs:

ClutchCutter. This rotatable forceps with serrated jaws can accurately grasp, pull, coagulate and incise the targeted tissue, using electrosurgical current, like a biopsy technique. Available in 3.5-mm and 5.0-mm jaw lengths, this tool has a working length of 1,800 mm, with a 2.7-mm diameter insertion portion.

FlushKnife. This diathermic slitter lets clinicians carry out multiple applications, including marking, flushing, incision, dissection and coagulation. A ball tip option offers excellent traction, enabling dissection of the target tissue and effective coagulation. It also has a flush function that easily clears debris from the distal end of the knife tip with saline or water delivered by a syringe or fluid pump.


Knee Positioner Respects the Sterile Field
The Solorail Surgical Support System is the only full-range leg positioning system that doesn't violate the integrity of the sterile field. Instead of connecting to the table rail over or through the drape after the sterile field is created, Solorail features an upper mounting pad and a lower base pad known as Fieldloc that sandwich and secure the drapes between the 2 pads. This protects the drapes while forming a rock-solid mechanical interlock, and keeps all sterile components inside the sterile field, says the company. Tool-free disassembly allows cleaning to the core. | starting at less than $8,000


Convert Your Infectious Waste Into Confetti
Sterilis Medical uses steam sterilization and grinding technologies to transform infectious waste into a confetti-like material that the company says you can dispose of as regular trash. The copy machine-sized system transforms full sharps containers, scalpel blades, drapes, glass ampules, suture kits and all other forms of regulated medical waste into solid sterile trash in less than 60 minutes. | $50,000 or $1,000 monthly lease


Verify Low-Temp Sterility in Only 24 Minutes
You can verify that instruments are sterilized at low temperatures in just 24 minutes instead of the former 4-hour time frame with 3M's rapid sterilizing test kit. The Attest Rapid Readout system delivers biological indicator (BI) results for instruments that have undergone vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH202) sterilization cycles faster than any other FDA-cleared product and 10 times faster than 3M's previous market-leading time of 4 hours, achieved with the 2016 release of the Attest Rapid BI System for VH202. With the 24-minute BI for VH202, 3M offers a rapid BI portfolio across the 3 most common sterilization modalities — VH202, steam and ethylene oxide. Existing customers with a 3M 4-hour VH2O2 system are eligible for a free system upgrade to access 24-minute BI readout results. New customers should contact a 3M rep.

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