Surgical Instruments

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Steris Buys 2 Instrument Repair Companies

$110M deal will expand manufacturers' service offerings.

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Thinking of Buying - Micro-Incisional Laparoscopic Instruments

What your docs want in single-port and super-slender devices.

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CDC Investigation Uncovers Dirty Surgical Instruments at Houston Hospital

Human tissue and bone found stuck in shavers and cannulas.

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News Report Investigates Instrument Reprocessing

Video segment asks, "Are operating rooms using dirty surgical tools?"

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Did Acid Used to Clean OR Towels Damage Surgical Instruments?

Hospital seeks $150,000 in damages from linen service.

Posted 10/18/11 | 1 comment

Disturbing Trend: Thieves Stealing Endoscopes and Surgical Instruments

Experts say stolen surgical tools are being sold on the international black market.

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Surgeon Blames Hospital for Alleged Dirty Instruments

Orthopod claims money earmarked for new construction jeopardized infection control practices.

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Jury Awards $2.2 Million in Defective Laparoscopic Instrument Case

Patient said that stray electricity from a coagulator perforated her bowel.

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Instruments and Implants

Check out the latest advances for ortho, endoscopy, general and minimally invasive procedures.

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Instrument Turnaround: Should it Slow Down?

A Nashville jury will decide whether a hospital should quarantine sterilized instruments.

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