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Collect Fluid Waste in Suction Bags

Might it be easier and safer for your staff to handle and empty suction bags of fluid waste rather than plastic canisters? If you believe so, then you might want to check out the Serres Nemo fluid disposal device, which collects fluid in an ingenious suction bag that lines a plastic canister. Once filled, you place the suction bag into the Nemo, close the compact device's cover and push the start button to activate a 20-second washing cycle. Nemo automatically flushes the fluid waste in the suction bag into the sewer without any splashing or staff exposure, says the company.


Time to Give Eyelid Taping a Rest?

The Med-Eye Pillow, the first alternative to using adhesive tape to protect the eyes during general anesthesia, is designed to keep eyes gently closed without the risk of eye desiccation, allergic reactions, tearing of eyelashes or damage to delicate skin in the ocular area. The disposable pillow is made of small non-irritating silicone pellets encased in a porous material. After applying eye lubricant, the anesthesia provider closes the eyelids and then places the pillow across the nose to rest on each eyelid. · $44.95 for a box of 10

Optimum-UV Enlight System

Treat Jaw Fractures Without Wires and Screws

Minne Ties lets you treat jaw fractures without wires and screws. Its self-locking suture design resembles a zip tie — one end featuring a smooth clasp head and the other a stainless-steel blunt tip introducer — to minimize the risk of wire sticks to the surgeon and decrease patient discomfort. It takes around 12 minutes to apply Minne Ties without sedation, says the company.

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Product News

Great ideas for your OR

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Product News

Great Ideas for Your OR