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Are single-use instrument kits coupled with sterile-packed implants the wave of the future? Proponents say surgery-ready instrument kits improve operating room efficiencies, eliminate the costs and challenges of reprocessing, preserve storage space and, most importantly, provide surgeons with a pristine set of ready-for-surgery instruments for every case. Here's a look at the latest fully disposable systems for spinal and orthopedic surgeries that include the full complement of instruments needed by surgeons and OR teams.

ASC CerviKit CERVICAL IMPLANTS The ASC CerviKit by Xenco Medical is an entirely disposable spinal device system engineered from plastic instead of metal.

Spine. Disposable instrument and implant kits have come to spine surgery — and they're made of plastic. Actually, The ASC CerviKit by Xenco Medical ( is engineered from a highly durable combination of nylon plastic and fiberglass that the company says matches the efficacy of aluminum metal in surgical conditions. The kits are packaged sterile and ready to use. The entirely disposable cervical and lumbar spinal systems include a cervical implant, pre-loaded cervical interbodies and pre-loaded cervical plates, as well as the instruments needed for the procedure.

disposable instrument kit WRISTS + ANKLES A disposable instrument kit for distal radius fracture repair (top) and for foot/ankle screw implant from ECA Medical Instruments.

Orthopedics. ECA Medical Instruments has designed fully disposable instrument kits for a wide range of trauma and extremity implants for fracture and joint degeneration repair. The kits include cannulated fixed drivers, torque limiters, cannulated countersinks and depth gauge instruments, drill guides, guide wires and drill bits. In addition to creating instrument sets for securing cannulated titanium screws and hand and wrist repair, ECA Medical ( also produces instrument sets for joint arthroplasty and spine implants. All the instruments are packaged in sterile packs and fully disposable trays.


Verify That Your Endoscopes Are Clean
This water injector promises to make it easier to verify that you've adequately cleaned your flexible endoscopes. The ACF-001 injects specific volumes of water through the channels of flexible scopes when testing with Healthmark's ChannelCheck, a test strip that checks lumened instruments for residual blood, protein and carbohydrates. The ACF-001 will not only automate the injection of water for sampling, but it also lets you sample the entire suction/biopsy circuit of flexible scopes — even when lying horizontally, says the company. The ACF-001 comes with one solution source tube, a large and small delivery tube, as well as 3 selectable sampling solution volumes: 7 mL, 10 mL and 20 mL. • $2,500


Gel-Infused Memory Pad Reduces Pressure Ulcers
This gel-infused memory foam base pad provides 30% greater load distribution than standard memory foam pads and reduces the possibility of pressure ulcers, says Innovative Medical Products. The pad is designed to be used with IMP's MorphBoard Modular Peg Board System, which provides obese patient support on any OR table. When rotated horizontally, the MorphBoard's 20-inch wide, 30-inch long centerboard module "morphs" into a 30-inch wide section large enough to support most any size abdomen, says IMP.

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