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Product News

SurgiCount Tablet

Reduce the Risk of a Retained Sponge
As an adjunct technology to supplement manual sponge counting, the SurgiCount Tablet provides a precise, real-time count so your surgical team can close a procedure — and a patient — with confidence. By keeping track of each uniquely identified sponge and towel used in a surgery, SurgiCount maintains a permanent record of the verified count. The tablet features a 10-inch display and interactive touch screen. Pole or wall-mount options enable hands-free operation, and a slip-in battery slot allows for continuous operation without shutting down.

UV Box

Sanitize Handheld Devices in 60 Seconds
Sanitize small handheld devices in less than 60 seconds by placing them in the UV Box, everything from your surgeons' and staff's smart phones and tablets to stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, TV remotes and nurse-call buttons. Sized and priced to be placed strategically throughout your facility, the UV Box is about the size of a small microwave. It can go anywhere — keep it on the countertop, or mount it to a wall, a cart or a boom, says Advanced UV Systems, makers of the UV Box, formally known as the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure.' $1,899

Post-op Dressing

Flexible, Absorbent, All-in-one Post-op Dressing
This surgical wound dressing does it all — it's flexible, it's absorbent, it helps reduce SSIs and it adheres gently to maintain skin integrity. Mepilex Border Post-Op Ag dressings stretch in all directions to support early patient mobilization, making them ideal for hip and knee replacements, says Molnlycke. Available as a standard or antimicrobial dressing, the antimicrobial dressing contains highly soluble silver that starts inactivating pathogenic bacteria within 30 minutes — and continues to inactivate microbial threats for 7 days, says the company. A shower-proof seal supports longer wear time and fewer dressing changes.

Advance Table Lateral System

Rotate Spine Patients Directly From Lateral to Prone
The Advance Table Lateral System from Hill-Rom makes repositioning a spine patient from the lateral to supine position and then from supine to prone a snap. You just rotate the patient 90 degrees down and around, right onto the prone table without transferring her to an OR gurney or summoning at least 5 people plus the anesthesia provider to reposition her (webinar at The fully radiolucent table affords superior intra-operative imaging capabilities and also provides extreme lateral patient flex for minimally invasive lateral spine surgical access, says the company. It has a 400-pound weight capacity.

da Vinci Xi System

Table and Robot Move as One
While the surgeon controls the robotic arms from the console, the table tilts and pitches to maximize exposure and access to the target anatomy. When paired wirelessly, the da Vinci Xi System and the Trumpf Medical TruSystem 7000dV OR Table let the surgeon dynamically reposition the patient during robotic-assisted procedures. The companies call the fruits of their partnership "integrated table motion."

Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pads

Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pads
These Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pads from Innovative Medical Products are infused with formulated gel beads that provide 30% greater load distribution than standard memory foam pads, says the company. This greater load distribution reduces the possibility of pressure ulcers and improves patient protection during surgery. The pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to fit specific IMP patient positioning systems.

Rigid Container

A Rigid Container for Any Steam or Low-Temp Sterilizer
Case Medical's line of SteriTite containers has received 510k clearance for use with Getinge's Sterizone VP4 hydrogen peroxide sterilization system, making it the first rigid container to be validated for the low-temperature sterilizer. The approval means you can use the SteriTite containers for all currently available methods of steam and low-temperature sterilization, says the company. Case Medical's line of MediTray inserts, baskets and racks received the same 510k clearance and can be used to secure items in SteriTite containers for sterilization, transport and storage.

FIS-003 Flexible Inspection Scope

Visually Inspect Lumened Devices After Cleaning
The FIS-003 Flexible Inspection Scope makes it easier to visually inspect the interior of instruments with small diameters, including many flexible GI endoscopes, after you've cleaned them. Designed for instruments 2.4mm in diameter or larger, it features a longer (110cm) flexible shaft with graduation marks and a smaller diameter to inspect the inside of smaller instruments, says Healthmark. Paired with the optional Flex Arm, you can fasten the Flexible Inspection Scope to workstations to free both hands for manipulation of the scope and the target medical device.

4K Mobile Video Display

4K Mobile Video Display System
Turn any OR into an integrated OR by wheeling in the ilex 55, the first mobile large field 4K UHD display solution with built-in integration. You can display a single 4K image or up to 4 27-inch diagonal-equivalent 1920 x 1080p HD images at once on the 55-inch ultra high-def 4K monitor. Combined with a C-Arm and an imaging table, the ilex 55 lets you perform less complex interventional procedures in any room, without the costs associated with fixed integration. The system displays analog and digital signals from multiple sources, including C-Arm, ultrasound, hemodynamics, microscopes, cameras, image guidance and PACS, says the company.

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