Archive March 2016 XVII, No. 3

Product News

DVT Prevention

Strap-on DVT Prevention
Now you can send your patients home with lightweight compression pumps that they strap around their calves to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This wearable device is called Venowave. Patients can use the Venowave in the surgical setting and continue it at home after discharge while they're still at risk for developing DVT. The cordless and tubeless sequential calf pump uses a waveform motion to increase circulation. Patients attach the pumps to the backs of their calves with Velcro straps and leg wraps so they can remain mobile while receiving treatment. ' $499.99, $99 for insurance rental (14-30 days)

Bladder Scanner

Bladder Scanner Gets a Makeover
With new features like a touchscreen interface, live B-mode scanning and onboard self-diagnostics, BladderScan Prime makes it easier than ever to check patients' bladder volumes without catheterizing them and subjecting them to urinary tract infections, says Verathon. With a press of a button, the ultrasound device gives you a 3D image of the bladder, and automatically calculates and displays urinary bladder volume. Onboard help/tutorial assistance is available at any point in the exam.

Ureteroscope Is Disposable

This Ureteroscope Is Disposable
The LithoVue single-use digital flexible ureteroscope lets doctors diagnose and treat stones within the bladder, ureter and kidneys without the reprocessing challenges associated with reusable flexible scopes. With the LithoVue, your physicians can open up a fresh scope for every case, saving your facility time and money spent on reprocessing and maintaining traditional ureteroscopes. The disposable scope also offers imaging that's comparable to reusable digital scopes, the company says, and it can flex 270 degrees in both directions for thorough visualization. The scope has its own display, or you can connect it to your OR's display and recording systems for viewing.

Single-Use Endoscopic Scissors

Single-Use Endoscopic Scissors
The Ensizor Endoscopic Scissors from Slater Endoscopy are designed to cut and dissect tissue and sutures during flexible endoscopy. The single patient-use scissors feature blunt-tipped blades, one stiff, the other flexible, and the ability to continuously rotate. They're compatible with flexible endoscopes with a minimum channel diameter of 2.8 mm.

Scope Holder

Scope Holder Makes Inspection Easy
This wall-mounted Scope Holder from Healthmark Industries keeps endoscopes in the proper upright position for thorough analysis before use. The Plexiglas device makes it easy to inspect your scopes after reprocessing, take samples for culturing or to check the channels. The Scope Holder also comes in handy when you blow air through the scope to ensure that it is dried. ' $92.50

Tamper-Evident Drug Seals

Tamper-Evident Drug Seals
Protect your patients' medications against tampering and contamination with Steri-Tamp seals from Medi-Dose/EPS. Once applied over vial openings, syringe caps or IV ports, the seals' foil outer layer provides both a sterile barrier to prevent contamination as well as immediate evidence of a needle puncture to alert staff to a drug diversion. Removing the seals, which can't be reapplied, leaves a warning that the dispenser has been accessed. Available in a range of sizes and colors, the Steri-Tamp adhesive seals withstand refrigeration and freezing. ' $145 for roll of 1,000 seals

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