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Archive November 2018 XIX, No. 11

10 Clever Products for Your ORs

Neat, new devices designed to prevent patient harm and keep staff safe and comfortable.

Leslie Mattson

Leslie Mattson, RN, BSHM


These 10 products caught my eye because they offer outside-the-box solutions to everyday challenges. From disinfecting shoes and smartphone screens to stopping staff from shivering during surgery and even stylish compression socks, you'll see the list includes innovative ideas for making your ORs safer and more pleasant places to work — without breaking the bank.

HealthySole HSPlus
SOLE SEARCHING This UV-C-light emitting device disinfects shoes in less than 10 seconds.

1. A Step Toward Reducing Infection Risks

Detecto’s HealthySole HSPlus would address one of my biggest pet peeves: Staff who walk around in the same soiled shoes case after case, day after day. Sure, their footwear is wipeable, but do they actually take the time to disinfect their slip-on clogs between cases? Probably not. And don’t get me started on the shrimper boots orthopedic surgeons splash around in during a full day of fluid-heavy cases. I’ve rarely, if ever, seen one of them scrub the rubber down between cases. That’s why I’m drawn to the HealthySole HSPlus, which is a germicidal system that uses UV-C light that’s said to kill 99.99% of microorganisms on the soles of shoes and booties. Once eliminated, staff won’t bring the pathogens into the OR to contaminate the surgical environment. The device can be placed right outside the doors to your ORs and it’s easy to use: Simply stand on the scale-like platform and wait 8 seconds for the disinfecting cycle to finish. A green checkmark appears on the easy-to-read display when the cycle is complete; a red ‘X’ appears if you stepped off too soon.

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