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What's in Your MH Cart?

Answer these 10 questions to find out if you're ready to respond to a malignant hyperthermia crisis.

Charles Watson

Charles Watson, MD, FCCM


Pamela Bevelhymer, RN, BSN, CNOR
CHECK YOUR DRAWERS Let different staff members audit a cart's contents, so everyone in the facility is familiar with where needed supplies are located.

When a patient’s muscles become rigid, end-tidal CO2 levels start to rise and core body temperature begins to climb, immediately call the hotline of the Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States (800-644-9737). One of the first questions the MHAUS expert who answers will ask: Do you have a fully stocked MH cart? How will you respond? Take this short quiz to find out if your staff will have immediate access to the medications and supplies they might someday need to save a life.

1. How much dantrolene should be stocked in your MH cart?

  • a. 250 mg
  • b. 500 mg
  • c. 1,000 mg
  • d. 2,000 mg
  • Reveal

2. Which cooled IV fluid should be available on your MH cart?

  • a. normal saline solution
  • b. half-normal saline solution
  • c. Ringer’s lactate
  • d. dextrose 5% in water
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3. How much sterile water should you have on hand to reconstitute dantrolene?

  • a. 5 5-ml to 10-ml vials
  • b. 15 50-ml to 60-ml vials
  • c. 2 1-liter bags
  • d. a or b
  • e. a, b & c
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