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Patient Safety

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What Caused Hot Dog Electric Blanket to Overheat?

Investigators: Cold saline bag that was touching temperature sensor caused warming blanket temperature to soar.

Posted 12/16/14 | 1 comment

Surgical Fire Q&A

"Even though most surgical fires last only about 4 or 5 seconds," says fire safety expert Mark Bruley, CCE, "they change lives."

Posted 12/02/14 | Jim Burger, Associate Editor | Post a comment

How We Beat Pressure Ulcers

The 7 things we did to lower our skin injury rate.

Posted 11/13/14 | Melanie Pipping, BGS, RN, CNIII | Post a comment

Safety: Blue Dye Mix-Up Blinds Patient

OR mistook methylene blue, which is toxic to the eyes, for trypan blue.

Posted 10/02/14 | Bradley Truax, MD | Post a comment

No Objects Left Behind

If preventing retained foreign objects is such a high priority, why is it still being reported as a common sentinel event?

Posted 09/19/14 | Chad Flora, BSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

Pump Up Your Pain Pump Knowledge

How much do you know about the potential for post-op complications?

Posted 09/19/14 | Gregory Hickman, MD | Post a comment

Steer Clear of Wrong-Site Surgery

These kinds of mistakes are called never events because they never should happen to anyone, but they do happen.

Posted 09/19/14 | David Ring, MD, PhD | Post a comment

Surgical Supplies

A New Way to Control Surgical Supply Costs