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Archive May 2018 XIX, No. 5

Give Your Patients the VIP Treatment

Treat patients like they're the only case of the day and watch your satisfaction scores soar.

Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief


Surgery Support
CENTER OF ATTENTION Reeducate your staff on how to treat each patient they encounter like they're the most important person in your facility.

When patient satisfaction scores were less than satisfactory at the Copper Ridge Surgery Center in Traverse City, Mich., LoAnn Vande Leest, RN, MBA-H, CNOR, CASC, CHSP, the facility's CEO, helped develop a graphic called the "Infiniti Loop." It displays every step of patient care, from the moment cases are scheduled straight through to the follow-up phone call.

Patients see the roadmap of care posted in the center when they arrive and are comforted in knowing exactly where they are on the perioperative pathway — and where they're heading next. Do you see those green hash marks between the billing experience and diagnosis circles? They represent the time when patients are out in the community telling friends and family about how they were treated at the facility.┬áIt's the chart's most important element.

Treat patients like they're the only case of the day and watch your satisfaction scores soar.

"We're always striving to make those stories better by design through excellent patient care," says Ms. Vande Leest. "We talk constantly about the big picture, about the importance of getting patients to speak well about the care they received by treating each patient like they're the only one who matters."

The Infiniti Loop chart hangs in strategic areas throughout the facility so every staff member who sees it is reminded that they're part of an effort to provide excellent patient care that's bigger than their individual roles. They also know they're empowered to hold colleagues accountable for delivering on that promise.

If you're not positive patients will have positive things to say about how well they were treated at your facility, remind your staff about the impact every patient interaction makes on satisfaction scores and reemphasize the importance of treating patients like the most important people in your facility. Before long, they'll be singing your praises to anyone who will listen.

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