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Anesthesia's Role in Curbing the Opioid Epidemic

Q&A with Asim Alam, MD, FRCPC, DRCPC, anesthesiologist and opioid-use researcher.

Posted 06/24/16 | Outpatient Surgery Editors | Post a comment

New Strategies to Prevent Nausea and Vomiting After Surgery

Updated guidelines tell us how to manage patients who are at increased risk for PONV.

Posted 06/24/16 | Tong J. Gan, MD, MBA, MHS, FRCA | Post a comment

Hidden Benefits of Patient Warming

The value of maintaining normothermia extends beyond contentment into the not-so-obvious areas of infection prevention and pain management.

Posted 06/24/16 | Wes Webster, MSN, RN, CRNA | Post a comment

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