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Patient Management

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4 Secrets of Smooth IV Starts

An infusion nurse's practical advice for sidestepping common obstacles to first-stick success.

Posted 06/04/15 | Alice Cennamo | Post a comment

The Long and Short of Hair Removal

Find out how you measure up against industry standards and your colleagues.

Posted 06/04/15 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | Post a comment

15 Questions on Patient Warming

Can you ace our pop quiz on preventing hypothermia?

Posted 06/04/15 | Carrie L. Frederick, MD | Post a comment

Update on Wound Closure

Here are 4 ways to minimize scarring.

Posted 05/13/15 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | 1 comment

Putting Patient Warming Into Practice

Are your efforts to prevent hypothermia effective or just compliant?

Posted 04/27/15 | Post a comment

The Case for Fluid Warming

It's an underused and highly effective way to maintain normothermia.

Posted 03/31/15 | Charles E. Smith, MD | 1 comment

Surgeons' Lounge: Say What?

Being Embarazada Is No Reason to Be Embarrassed

Posted 03/04/15 | Jim Burger, Associate Editor | Post a comment


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