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Patient Management

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Positioned for Success

Situating patients properly provides surgeons with the access they need to optimize outcomes.

Posted 07/24/15 | Benjamin D. Ward, MD | Post a comment

The Gatekeepers of Ambulatory Surgery

Q&A with Meena S. Desai, MD, an anesthesia society leader and patient safety advocate.

Posted 06/29/15 | Daniel Cook, Executive Editor | Post a comment

How We Prevent PONV

For at-risk patients, targeted interventions spell relief.

Posted 06/29/15 | Christopher A. Smith, CRNA, DNP | Post a comment

5 Keys to Managing Sleep Apnea

Pre-op assessments and taking the proper precautions on the day of surgery will help keep these high-risk patients safe.

Posted 06/29/15 | Reginald F. Baugh, MD | Post a comment

4 Keys to a Sound Patient Warming Strategy

Diminish the chilling impact of redistribution hypothermia.

Posted 06/29/15 | Jim Burger, Associate Editor | Post a comment

4 Secrets of Smooth IV Starts

An infusion nurse's practical advice for sidestepping common obstacles to first-stick success.

Posted 06/04/15 | Alice Cennamo | Post a comment

The Long and Short of Hair Removal

Find out how you measure up against industry standards and your colleagues.

Posted 06/04/15 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | Post a comment


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