Nurse Management

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Give Your Staff a Break

Someone's got to look out for the nurses and techs who work in surgery's most demanding specialty.

Posted 08/01/12 | Terri Gatton, RN, CNOR, CASC | 3 comments

Are Your Nurses Depressed?

Study: Nurses suffer depression at twice the rate of general public's.

Posted 07/27/12 | 2 comments

Fired Nurse Argues Her Alcoholism Is a Disability

Court allows lawsuit claiming her termination violated civil rights.

Posted 07/03/12 | 1 comment

Hospital Cleared for Firing Impaired PACU Nurse

Troubled RN's employment marred by suicide attempts, drug diversion and erratic behavior.

Posted 04/11/12 | Post a comment

Battling the Bulge? Don't Apply to This Hospital

CEO says keeping obese individuals off the payroll is best for business.

Posted 03/30/12 | 2 comments

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