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5 Patients Sue Surgeon Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Them

The Calif. physician has pled not guilty to the charges and is in jail in lieu of $3M bail.

Posted 04/18/16 | 4 comments

GI Doc Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patient After She Was Given Propofol

She's suing him and his former gastroenterology practice.

Posted 04/07/16 | 5 comments

Calif. Law Would Require Oral Surgeons to Be More Open About Anesthesia Risks

Parents say a separate anesthesia provider and monitoring equipment might have saved 6-year-old Caleb Sears.

Posted 04/01/16 | 1 comment

Nurse Admits to Texting Photo of Unconscious Patient's Penis

She lost her job and her license after coworkers complained.

Posted 03/29/16 | 6 comments

FDA Says Powdered Gloves Have to Go

While use of these gloves is decreasing, agency says they pose an unreasonable and substantial risk of illness or injury.

Posted 03/21/16 | Post a comment

Has Double-Booking Surgery Gone Too Far?

U.S. Senate scrutinizing doctors who do 2 operations at once.

Posted 03/14/16 | 1 comment

Legal Update: Tapping Into the Self-Insured Employer Market

Direct contracts with employers cut out insurance's middleman.

Posted 03/10/16 | Angela M. Rust, JD; Thomas L. O'Carroll, JD | Post a comment

Medical Malpractice: Suits From Slips, Trips and Falls

What's your liability when a patient takes a tumble at your facility?

Posted 03/10/16 | Alex Stein, PhD | Post a comment

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