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Wrongly Connected Tubing a Major Concern, Says Joint Commission

Sentinel Event Alert cites 117 cases, 21 deaths.

Posted 08/27/14 | Post a comment

Medical and Legal Relief for OR Nurse

Missouri court upholds award after nurse's OR fall and treatment ordeal.

Posted 08/08/14 | Post a comment

Canadian Hospital Sued Over Improperly Cleaned Retractor

147 bariatric patients may have been exposed to bioburden on retractor.

Posted 07/31/14 | Post a comment

Nurse Who Wears Hearing Aids Alleges Job Discrimination

Was hospital's treatment of hearing-impaired RN who complained of loud OR music discrimination or discipline?

Posted 07/24/14 | 1 comment

Doc Threatens Physician's Assistant During Open Heart Surgery: "I'm Going to Put You Through the Wall"

She's now on workers' comp with post-traumatic stress disorder and collecting $2,400 per week.

Posted 07/14/14 | 2 comments

FDA Says More Decisions on Morcellation Coming

The agency will hold a public meeting in July.

Posted 06/12/14 | 2 comments

Anesthesiologist Suspended for Sexually Charged Texts, Illicit Behavior

"Preoccupation" compromised patient safety, say state investigators.

Posted 06/10/14 | Post a comment


The Single Incision, Single Portal Approach to Arthroscopy

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