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Unlabeled Meds Lead to $5.1M Verdict

Local anesthetic switch left patient with brain damage.

Posted 07/24/15 | Post a comment

How Did an Insufflator Cause Second-Degree Burns to a Gastric Banding Patient?

While the patient says its autoclave-hot metal valve burned her stomach, a court isn't blaming the surgeon.

Posted 06/12/15 | Post a comment

Florida Lawmakers Consider Ending Certificates of Need

Regulation debate pits competition vs. cherry-picking.

Posted 06/10/15 | Post a comment

Florida Hospital Sued Over Body Part Disposal

Patient whose amputated leg was discovered in the garbage cites emotional distress.

Posted 05/06/15 | Post a comment

N.C. Anesthesiologist's Behavior Wasn't Harassment

But federal court lets CRNA's retaliation allegations stand.

Posted 04/13/15 | Post a comment

Legal update: Give Disruptive Docs the Boot

When it's time to fire bad behavior, follow the rules.

Posted 03/31/15 | Mark F. Weiss, JD | Post a comment


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