Infection Control

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In Uganda, a Vivid Illustration of How the Basics Dramatically Reduce SSIs

World Health Organization program helps hospital cut its rate in half.

Posted 05/06/16 | Post a comment

Burning Platforms, Coordinated Care and SSI Prevention

Q&A with Zeev Kain, MD, PhD, anesthesiologist and perioperative surgical home proponent.

Posted 04/22/16 | Outpatient Surgery Editors | Post a comment

Look Beneath the Surface

Take an in-depth look at how you disinfect your clinical environment.

Posted 04/22/16 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

5 Tips for Better Instrument Decontamination

Removing variables and automating the process are the keys to better cleaning.

Posted 04/22/16 | Peter Daigle | Post a comment

The Link Between Warming and Wound Infections

The latest evidence shows that hypothermia during surgery is associated with greater infection risk.

Posted 04/22/16 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Making Sure It's Sterile

Sterilization assurance confirms what you can't see.

Posted 04/22/16 | Sharon A. Van Wicklin, MSN, RN, CNOR, CRNFA, CPSN, PLNC | Post a comment

The New Standard in Endoscope Reprocessing

A new national guideline offers clear advice for proper high-level disinfection.

Posted 04/22/16 | Nancy Chobin, RN, AAS, ACSP, CSPM | Post a comment

Standardize Your Skin Prep Practices

Get patients, surgeons and staff on board with your pre-op bathing, hair-clipping and skin-antisepsis protocols.

Posted 04/22/16 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | Post a comment

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