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The Secret to Getting Paid for Implants

Be sure to submit invoices when you bill insurers, court rules.

Posted 07/10/12 | Post a comment

Business Advisor - 7 Strategies to Get Paid for Implants

Persuade payors and vendors to cover surgery's priciest parts.

Posted 07/03/12 | Emilie Keene, MHA | Post a comment

Who's Paying for Those Implants?

Secrets to getting reimbursed for surgery's priciest parts.

Posted 01/04/12 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Study: Newer Implants Not as Durable as Older Models

Australian study finds that not a single new artificial hip or knee introduced over a recent 5-year period was any more durable than older ones.

Posted 12/23/11 | Post a comment

Access Mediquip Sues Insurer Over Unpaid Claims

Judge rules in favor of UnitedHealthcare's claim that federal law preempts state law in 3 cases.

Posted 10/14/10 | Post a comment

5 Strategies for Getting Paid for Pricey Implants

You can't afford to host these expensive orthopedics cases unless you can get reimbursed for the hardware.

Posted 08/11/10 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

This Just In

Surgeons Form Implant Distributorship

Posted 10/01/09 | Post a comment

Business Advisor

Getting Paid for Implants

Posted 09/12/09 | Kecia Rardin, RN | Post a comment

Avoid Implant-purchasing Headaches

Four tips for working with third-party billing companies

Posted 09/09/08 | Post a comment


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