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Bring Your GI Suite Up to Speed Without Breaking the Bank

Pay-per-use financing helped us fund our facility-wide makeover.

Jimmy Henderson

Jimmy Henderson


Jimmy Henderson
BETTER EQUIPPED The Outpatient Surgery Center of Jonesboro (Ark.) added space-saving automatic endoscope reprocessors, which feature RFID tracking capabilities and a 2-scope capacity.

When is it time to upgrade your endoscopes? When you're spending more to repair your scopes than it would cost to replace them. Some weeks here at our 3-room GI center, we were sinking thousands to keep our aging fleet afloat. We finally stopped throwing good money after bad when we renovated our facility. The 6-month project, which cost several million dollars, included an overhaul of our capital equipment: high-definition endoscopes, video towers and monitors, as well as new sterilization equipment.

That was a significant investment for our small center, so we worked hard to make the numbers work. They key was finding a vendor willing to negotiate a payment plan in order to reduce the up-front costs of our equipment upgrade. My advice to you: If a vendor won't work with you to finance your equipment purchases, then find one who will. There are plenty of companies out there that would love to get your business.

Pay as you go

Our physicians were pleased with our current brand of scopes and equipment — and most of them used that same make and model at the local affiliated hospital — so we decided to continue using that manufacturer and see what options it could offer our center.

After trialing the company's newest line scopes, our docs chose a high-definition model with an articulating distal tip that provides sharp images with a brighter, full range of colors and expanded 180 degrees of the GI tract. Along with the new scopes, we invested in new video towers and replaced our antiquated 24-inch standard-definition bubble screens with 40-inch high-def, flat-screen monitors.

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