Healthcare Information Technology

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See Your Patients' Every Move

Real-time patient tracking systems improve perioperative communication and patient flow.

Posted 01/04/12 | Brian Leader, VP Perioperative Services | Post a comment

Should You Be Wary of EMRs?

Institute of Medicine report cites poorly designed electronic medical records for some errors.

Posted 11/10/11 | Post a comment

How to Make an EMR Truly Yours

The quest for software that replicates your workflows and mimics your forms.

Posted 11/07/11 | Irene Tsikitas, Associate Editor | Post a comment

EMR Countdown

Test Drive Your EMR Before You Buy

Posted 08/30/11 | Scott Osadchuk, RN, MSN, CASC | Post a comment

6 Steps to EMR Success

Implementation advice from facilities that have gone live.

Posted 07/07/11 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

Proposed Rule Would Let Patients See Who Accessed Their Electronic Health Data

HHS soliciting comments from "small and mid-sized providers" on how disclosure rule would impact their practices.

Posted 06/03/11 | Post a comment

Benefits of Voice Recognition Software

Are you paying too much for transcription? Dictate notes directly into your EMR.

Posted 05/08/11 | Michael Rauh, MD | Post a comment

Kaiser Study Touts Green Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Digital records have a positive environmental impact when they're used to improve workflows.

Posted 05/06/11 | Post a comment

Who's Who in EMR Vendors

Which company makes the paperless software that"s right for your facility?

Posted 04/10/11 | Kent Steinriede, Associate Editor | Post a comment

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