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10 Clever Products for Your ORs

Neat, new devices designed to prevent patient harm and keep staff safe and comfortable.

Posted 11/19/18 | Leslie Mattson, RN, BSHM | 1 comment

The Case for Concurrent Cases

Double-booked surgeons must choreograph their every move.

Posted 11/19/18 | Mike Morsch, Associate Editor | 3 comments

Product News

Great ideas for your OR

Posted 10/16/18 | Outpatient Surgery Editors | Post a comment

Thinking of Buying... Small Bone Power Tools

Put power and precision in your surgeons' hands

Posted 10/16/18 | Mike Morsch, Associate Editor | Post a comment

My Turn: Blessed to Let Go Together

My patient and I leave our grief over losing a loved one on PACU Bay 6

Posted 10/16/18 | Angela Ross, RN, BSN, CEN | Post a comment

Medical Malpractice: Charting Through the EHR MedMal Minefield

5 legal danger zones unique to electronic documentation

Posted 10/16/18 | Claire Cyriax, DNP, RN, MSN-Ed, LNC, CAPA | Post a comment

Staffing:Develop Your Own Homegrown OR Talent

Fewer temps and travel nurses give us greater staffing stability

Posted 10/16/18 | DonnaM.Amado, MSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

New Ideas for Preventing Endophthalmitis

Intracameral antibiotics, proven to lower the rate of infection substantially, are catching on.

Posted 10/16/18 | Desiree Ifft, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

Yes, You Can Perform Opioid-Sparing Surgery

How to go easy on the prescription painkillers - yet still control your patients' pain.

Posted 10/16/18 | Jeannette Sabatini, Associate Editor | Post a comment

7 Tips for a Successful 4K Conversion

Inside our $2 million upgrade to ultra-high definition imaging.

Posted 10/16/18 | JohnJ.Kelly, MD | Post a comment

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