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Great Ideas for Your OR

Posted 07/18/19 | Post a comment

Thinking of Buying Surgical Gloves

Find the fit, feel and level of protection your surgeons and staff desire.

Posted 07/18/19 | Joe Paone | Post a comment

Economic Intelligence: What's the Lifetime Value of a Patient?

Calculating the true worth of a relationship to your surgical business.

Posted 07/18/19 | Mark F. Weiss, JD | Post a comment

Business Advisor: 3 Rival Hospitals Own the Same Surgery Center

Partner with your competitors is the name of the game in Pocatello, Idaho.

Posted 07/18/19 | Ryan Hope, MD | Post a comment

Legal Update: Leveling the Payment Field for Surgery

Narrowing the reimbursement disparities between ASCs and HOPDs.

Posted 07/18/19 | William Prentice | Post a comment

Safety: 5 Injectable Medication Tips

A review of safe practices to avoid drug-related mishaps.

Posted 07/18/19 | Leslie Mattson, RN, BSHM | Post a comment

Medical Malpractice: Right Surgery, Wrong Patient, Big Trouble

Did pathologist's error lead to unavoidable wrong-person surgery?

Posted 07/18/19 | Jerene Stremick, BSN, RN, LNC | Post a comment

Staffing: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Administrators

A roadmap for your personal and professional success.

Posted 07/18/19 | DeeDee Dalke, CPPM, CPC | 1 comment

Rebooting Our Reprocessing Department

A comprehensive rethink of decontamination and sterilization helped this facility cut SPD-related patient safety events by more than 90%.

Posted 07/18/19 | JudithD.Montello, BSHCA, RN, CNOR | 1 comment

Technology to Prevent Retained Items

Counting is prone to error. These automated adjuncts help ensure nothing is left behind.

Posted 07/18/19 | Candice-Virgin Cabagnot, RN, BSN | Post a comment

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