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A Checklist Is Only as Effective as Team Using It

To reap its safety benefits, you've got to use your checklist right.

Posted 02/03/16 | Post a comment

How Does Your Salary Stack Up?

As your level of responsibility rises, has your paycheck kept pace?

Posted 01/18/16 | Post a comment

Dirty Duodenoscopes Were a Preventable Risk

Senate report slams scope makers, FDA, hospitals for slow outbreak response.

Posted 01/15/16 | 1 comment

Safe at Home

Ensuring rehab goes smoothly in the weeks after surgery is the final piece of the patient care puzzle.

Posted 01/13/16 | Gary A. Levengood, MD | Post a comment

Is the Repless Model for You?

Inside the trend that promises to cut implant costs and limit vendor influence in the OR.

Posted 01/13/16 | Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Understanding Your Implant Options

What you need to know before sifting through the countless versions of hip and knee hardware.

Posted 01/13/16 | Paul A. Manner, MD, FRCSC | Post a comment

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