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Novel Stress Test Determines When Surgeons Are Ready to Cut Loose

At the Missouri University School of Medicine, they're measuring how much residents sweat during surgery.

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Thinking of Buying ... Fluid Waste Management Systems

Your options in hard-plumbed and portable direct-to-drain systems.

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Product News

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Safety: What Good Are Surgical Safety Checklists?

They're effective only if your team uses them — and uses them properly.

Posted 07/05/17 | Vanessa Lyons, PhD, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

Anesthesia Alert: Can You Spot a Drug Diverter in Your Midst?

Anesthesia providers are vulnerable to on-the-job opioid abuse.

Posted 07/05/17 | Perry V. Ruspantine, CRNA, APRN | Post a comment

Business Advisor: Ready to Tackle Block Time

A fair-and-square approach to block scheduling your surgeons will love.

Posted 07/05/17 | Kathy Beydler, RN, MBA, CASC, CNOR | Post a comment

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