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Doc and CRNAs Indicted on 28 Counts in Nevada Hep C Outbreak

After a 2-year criminal investigation into the Las Vegas-area hepatitis C outbreak, a grand jury has indicted a physician and 2 nurse anesthetists on 28 felony counts, including racketeering, patient neglect and insurance fraud. Dipak Desai, MD...

June 2010


Doc, CRNA Plead Not Guilty in Las Vegas Hep C Outbreak

The Las Vegas-area gastroenterologist indicted on 28 felony counts related to a hepatitis C outbreak at his endoscopy clinic pleaded not guilty on Friday in his first court appearance since the outbreak was discovered in early 2008. Dipak Desai, M...

June 2010


Nevada Hepatitis C Doctor Ruled Competent for Trial

The latest twist in a case full of them finds a Las Vegas doctor accused of exposing patients to hepatitis C ruled competent to stand trial. Despite initially being found incompetent due to the effects of 2 strokes suffered in recent years, D...

September 2011


Nevada Insurer Hit With $24M Verdict

Perhaps red flags should have been raised at Health Plan of Nevada's offices when Dipak Desai, MD, requested reimbursement for colonoscopies lasting less than 10 minutes. Three patients who contracted hepatitis C after undergoing care at a Las Ve...

April 2013


When Fast-Tracking Goes Wrong

Dipak Desai, MD, co-owner of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas and the man at the center of the 2008 hepatitis C outbreak, was known to perform 20 colonoscopy procedures in a 3-hour afternoon, according to one of his former employ...

February 2013


Editor's Page

The Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada will forever be remembered for the 2007 hepatitis C outbreak that infected 106 colonoscopy patients and forced 50,000 others to be tested for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV. But a darker and more disturbing...

July 2010


Las Vegas GI Doc Facing 28 Felony Counts in Hep C Case

Las Vegas physician Dipak Desai, MD, will face all 28 felony charges filed against him for allegedly exposing patients to hepatitis C, according to a Nevada state court judge's ...

May 2012


Life Sentence for Hep C Outbreak Doc

Dipak Desai, MD, co-owner of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas and the man at the center of the largest hepatitis C outbreak in U.S. history, was sentenced to life in prison Thursday, with parole possible at 18 years. CRNA Rona...

October 2013


Las Vegas Hep C Outbreak Trial Begins

After 5 years of legal maneuvers and preparation, the criminal trial of Dipak Desai, MD, former co-owner of the Las Vegas endoscopy clinic that became the epicenter of a 2007-2008 hepatitis C outbreak, ...

May 2013


Doctor in Nevada Hepatitis Outbreak Case Found Unfit to Stand Trial

The physician at the center of the Las Vegas endoscopy center hepatitis outbreak has been ruled unfit to stand trial and ordered to enter a state mental hospital. Dipak Desai's trial on 28 felony charges related to the hepatitis outbreak discovered...

February 2011


Jury Convicts Hep C Outbreak Doctor

Dipak Desai, MD, has been found guilty of all 27 criminal charges he faced, including second-degree murder, for his role in the largest hepatitis C outbreak in U.S. history. But the former gastroenterologist's face betrayed no emotion as the jury's ...

July 2013


Health Plan of Nevada Settles Hepatitis C Lawsuits

Health Plan of Nevada, the insurance company accused of negligence regarding the 2008 hepatitis C outbreak, reached a confidential settlement late last week with the remaining plaintiffs who claim to have contracted the disease, lawyers for the plai...

November 2014


CRNA Involved in Vegas Hep C Outbreak Cops Plea

Keith Mathahs, CRNA, apparently decided whatever time he has left with his family is more important than protecting colleagues accused of starting a hepatitis C outbreak in Las Vegas that put thousands of patients at risk and left 1 patient dead. ...

December 2012


Nevada Endoscopy Clinics Closed For Unsafe Practices

Authorities shut down the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, along with five affiliated centers, after an investigation into the cases of six patients - each of whom contracted hepatitis C following procedures that took place at the...

March 2008


Settlements Reached in Hepatitis Outbreak Case

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries will pay more than $250 million to settle more than 80 lawsuits alleging that the drugmaker sold propofol in a way that led colonoscopy patients at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada and its sister clinics t...

February 2012


Nevada ASC Inspectors Report Violations

Seven Nevada ASCs were cited for "major infection control problems," such as reused syringes or single-use vials, during recent inspections by the state's Department of Health and Human Services. Two facilities exhibited "me...

March 2008


Nevada GI Clinic Sues Anesthesiologist Over Closing

A Las Vegas endoscopy center that had its license revoked for unsafe infection control practices is suing the anesthesiologist whom health inspectors cited for reusing syringes and single-dose propofol vials. The Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Cli...

June 2009


"Dirty Scope" Defense Allowed in Hepatitis C Outbreak Lawsuits

Drug companies defending themselves in the Nevada hepatitis C outbreak lawsuits can argue that dirty scopes, not dirty syringes reused in propofol vials, spread the virus, the Nevada Supreme Court has ruled. However, this argument must be present...

August 2011


Inside the Deadly Las Vegas Hep C Outbreak

◙ FIRST RESPONDERBrian Labus determined what went wrong at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada...

December 2013


Propofol Maker Back in Court Over Nevada Hepatitis Outbreak

The 50-milliliter vials of propofol that Teva Pharmaceuticals sold without a single-use-only warning were a direct cause of the hepatitis C outbreak that infected patients at a Nevada GI clinic in 2008, an attorney for the patients argued in court...

August 2011

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