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Note: Documents marked with "PDF" (portable document format) are readable with Acrobat Reader, available here for free. Documents marked with "XLS" (Excel spreadsheet) are readable with Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet software.

Budget Worksheet Instructions
Courtesy of Dan Simonson, CRNA, MHPA

Size: 36kb
Type: PDF

Budget Worksheet
Courtesy of Dan Simonson, CRNA, MHPAD

Size: 34kb
Type: XLSX

Ideas That Work: Answer Sheet
Courtesy of James Babeshoff, CRNA, MSN

Size: 92kb
Type: PDF

Operating Room Checklist
Courtesy of Lorne King Rosenfield, MD

Size: 730kb
Type: PDF

Good Catches Form
Courtesy of USPI

Size: 1.4mb
Type: PDF

Same Day Surgery Handoff Card
Courtesy of Pegi Wasserman, RN, BSN

Size: 506kb
Type: PDF

Reduce the Risk of Surgical Smoke (References)
Courtesy of Stacey M. Benson, PhD

Size: 379kb
Type: PDF

Wipe Product Selection Guideline
Courtesy of Heather Hohenberger, BSN RN CIC CNOR

Size: 61kb
Type: DOC

SSI Surveillance Documents
Courtesy of Lori Groven, MSPHN, RN, CIC

Size: 322kb
Type: PDF

NPO Questionaire
Courtesy Surgicare of Boca

Size: 1mb
Type: PDF

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