Patient Safety

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Yes, You Can Perform Opioid-Sparing Surgery

How to go easy on the prescription painkillers - yet still control your patients' pain.

Posted 10/16/18 | Jeannette Sabatini, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Celebrating 10 Years Of the Surgical Safety Checklist

Q&A with Thomas Weiser, MD, checklist co-creator and champion of safer patient care.

Posted 10/02/18 | 1 comment

Advances in Medication Management

Technology can increase drug security and safety.

Posted 10/02/18 | Christina Michalek, BSc, PharmD, RPh, FASHP | Post a comment

Left-Behind Needle Proves Fatal

Lessons learned from the tragedy a final count might have prevented.

Posted 10/02/18 | Jared Bilski | 4 comments

How Much Do You Know About Patient Warming?

A recent survey suggests some nurses are still stumped on the basics of preventing perioperative hypothermia.

Posted 10/02/18 | Jeannette Sabatini, Associate Editor | 1 comment

Comprehensive Pressure Injury Prevention

Use this risk assessment tool to protect patients' skin from pre-op to PACU.

Posted 10/02/18 | CassendraA.Munro, MSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

What's in Your MH Cart?

Answer these 10 questions to find out if you're ready to respond to a malignant hyperthermia crisis.

Posted 10/02/18 | Charles B. Watson, MD, FCCM | 1 comment

Is it Time for a Checklist Double-Check?

3 tips to get the most out of surgery's essential safety tool.

Posted 10/02/18 | Thereza Ayad, DNP, RN, CNOR | 2 comments

3 Sharp Ideas to Improve Sharps Safety

Here's how we responded to a worrisome uptick in needlesticks and cuts.

Posted 10/02/18 | Sharon Bouyer-Ferullo, DNP, RN, MHA, CNOR; Melissa McCarthy, BSN, RN | Post a comment

On Point: Have You Established a Culture of Safety?

Talk is cheap when it comes to protecting patients and staff from harm.

Posted 10/02/18 | Elizabeth C. Wick, MD | 3 comments

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