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Patient Safety

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Patient Warming Pays Off Big

Maintaining normothermia isn't always easy, but it's always well worth it.

Posted 07/27/20 | Justin D. Buchert, MSN, MEd, MS, RN | Post a comment

Communication and Cooperation Prevent Avoidable Errors

Structure, checklists and pre-op time outs protect patients from harm.

Posted 07/14/20 | Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

CMS Issues Updated Reopening Recommendations

The guidance aims to ensure elective surgeries continue to resume safely

Posted 06/16/20 | Post a comment

Make Pressure Injuries Never Events

Be proactive in protecting skin to prevent avoidable patient harm.

Posted 04/16/20 | Heather Kooiker, MSN, RN, CNL, CNOR, CRNFA | Post a comment

Safety: Safer Care in 30 Minutes or Less

Meet as a team to discuss how to prevent patient harm.

Posted 03/19/20 | Amy Brunson, MSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

Counts Aren't Always Correct

Barcode scanning and RFID detection help to make sure no sponge is left behind.

Posted 03/19/20 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

How Do You Enhance Patient Safety?

Readers reveal the solutions they use to augment the efforts of their protective-minded surgical teams.

Posted 02/11/20 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Are You Applying Skin Preps Properly?

Address common reasons for noncompliance to reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

Posted 02/11/20 | Romulo T. Vallejo, MSN, RN | Post a comment

Positioned for Change

Reviewing and revamping your positioning protocols will protect patients from harm and give surgeons the access they need to perform successful surgery.

Posted 02/11/20 | Joe Paone | Post a comment

A Nation in Crisis

Surgeons helped cause the opioid addiction problem. Now they can be part of the solution.

Posted 01/22/20 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

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