Patient Safety

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Patient Safety: Priority One Protecting Patients

Houston Physicians' Hospital is committed to optimizing patient safety.

Posted 09/14/18 | Mike Morsch, Associate Editor | Post a comment


Can You Spot the Drug Safety Hazard?

Posted 07/02/18 | Sheldon S. Sones, RPh, FASCP | 1 comment

Are You Doing Enough to Prevent Pressure Injuries

Proper patient positioning will protect patients' skin from avoidable harm.

Posted 07/02/18 | Suzy Scott | 1 comment

The Soul of a Surgical Safety Checklist

What started as steps on a static piece of paper is now a digital tool that enhances patient safety.

Posted 06/08/18 | JoEllen McBride, PhD | Post a comment


5 Ways You Can Prevent Drug Diversion

Posted 05/08/18 | Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN | Post a comment

Prevent Pressure Ulcers

7 practical pearls to protect your patients' skin.

Posted 05/08/18 | JoEllen McBride, PhD | Post a comment

6 Hot Trends in Medication Safety

Add these technologies to protect your patients and staff from drug-related harm.

Posted 04/09/18 | JoEllen McBride, PhD | 1 comment

The Ink Must Go Where the Knife Will Cut

There'll be less wrong-site surgery if your surgeons cut through their initials.

Posted 04/09/18 | Richard Abowitz | 1 comment

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