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Your Surgeons Won't Believe Their Eyes

Big screens and crystal clear, lifelike images will be mainstays in the operating room of the future.

Bill Donahue, Senior Editor


4k Monitor
LOOKING AHEAD Facilities on the cutting edge of care are investing in displaying ultra-high-definition images on screens that seem to grow by the year.

Have you seen the new iPhone X? It's an incredible piece of technology with facial recognition software, wireless charging and more apps than you could possibly need. It makes the first-generation iPhone look like a relic from a bygone era. You might have the same thought when you walk into your facility's OR, glance up at massive, wall-mounted monitors that display larger-than-life views of surgery and think about how the past decade has given rise to see-it-to-believe-it advances in surgical imaging. That type of explosive innovation demands thinking 5 years ahead of your current video display requirements, so your surgeons won't get stuck working with imaging technology that's as primitive as a first-gen iPhone.

Surgeons used to staring at standard high-definition screens will realize a clear clinical benefit the first time they work off of the crisp, lifelike images on ultra-high-definition 4K monitors, says Nathan W. Skelley, MD, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Missouri Orthopaedic Institute of the University of Missouri in Columbia. 4K imaging, which offers 4 times the resolution and a much broader color range than standard high definition, lets surgeons zoom in on minute anatomy without losing an ounce of detail. It provides better views for orthopedic surgeons as they peer through irrigation fluid in the surgical field and improves the ability of general surgeons to see anatomy through smoke and gases in the abdominal cavity.

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