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Why Do I Feel So Overwhelmed?

It's easy to feel burned out as a surgical leader, but there are proven ways to manage the stress and lighten your load.

Lynette Bear

Lynette Bear, DNP, CRNA, MBA


Lynette Bear
Lynette Bear, DNP, CRNA, MBA Laser Spine Institute Sr. Director Anesthesia Administration Madeira Beach, Fla.

No one wants to admit they're overwhelmed, but the enormous burden of running a surgical facility can leave even the finest adminstrator feeling fatigued and mentally drained.

Leadership overwhelm is the clinical name for what's long been known as career burnout. So many factors play into us becoming overwhelmed: the distractions, the interruptions, the meetings, the paperwork. The telltale signs of leadership overwhelm are emotional volatility, irritability, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, as well as numbness or withdrawal: the feeling that you can't or won't do again what you've been doing.

Lynette Bear, DNP, CRNA, MBA, will give you the coping skills to avoid leadership overwhelm.

  • Attitude awareness. When we're overwhelmed, it can be hard to hide. When there is a lot going on, it can spill outwards and your team will pick up on the vibes you're giving off. The attitude you present gives your team an idea of where they're at and who they are. A good leader is always aware of the attitude she is presenting.
  • Strategizing. You need to have a good idea of where you are and where you want to go with your leadership. It's not always good to focus on what is overwhelming you. You're energy is better used determining the key points that need extra focus. Once you determine this, you can strategize. This lets you prioritize so you're spending time on the areas that need it most.
  • Communication. Are you communicating simply and powerfully? Are you listening with a purpose? As a leader you should be speaking and listening to your teammates to learn about their skills and how they can contribute to your goals and mission. You'll probably find that most of your team members want to help and have skills you can use to take the pressure off. This is also a chance to groom and mentor future leaders.
  • Strengthen your power base. Being a leader can seem lonely, but you're part of a community of leaders who probably have the same questions or know the right answers. Ask questions of the people around you. The hardest thing to do is ask for help. This session will spark new ideas and provide you with the ability to tap into the networks that surround you. OSM
  • Senior director of anesthesia administration at the Laser Spine Institute.
  • A nurse anesthetist, administrator, and internationally recognized speaker and executive coach specializing in mentoring leaders to take on the toughest healthcare challenges.
  • Founder and director of Mindfull International, an executive healthcare coaching resource for healthcare administrators, medical professionals and health systems looking to bridge the business of medicine with excellence in healthcare delivery. 
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