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Skyrocketing Demand For Outpatient Surgery

Focus on cost containment, convenience and clinical advancements to capitalize on the exponential growth of case volumes.

Zeev Kain, MD, MBA


Skyrocketing Demand
CASING THE JOINTSame-day total knee replacements have helped pave the way for adding other complex procedures to the ambulatory armamentarium.

If you think your ORs are busy now, just wait. Over the next decade, the rate of inpatient procedures is expected to decrease by 4% while the volume of outpatient procedures should jump by 23%. Complex procedures that required lengthy recoveries even 5 years ago are now being done in ambulatory surgical centers and hospital outpatient departments thanks to instrumentation that makes minimally invasive surgery even less invasive, evolving multimodal pain control techniques and a renewed focus on driving down healthcare costs.

Outpatient total joints are setting the bar for cost-effective, quality care. The cost of total joint replacements done as outpatient is about 50% less than procedures performed in inpatient facilities ($26,000 versus $13,500), and patients' out-of-pocket expense is about half as much on average in the outpatient setting ($2,700 versus $5,200). With such a significant cost difference, it's no wonder same-day total joints are taking off. The procedures also have tremendous future growth potential; demand for knee replacements is expected to increase by nearly 700% by 2030 and hip replacement volume should jump by 200% over the same period.

Total joints aren't the only cases filling outpatient ORs. Ambulatory spine surgery is a huge growth opportunity as more of these procedures are performed in freestanding facilities. Laparoscopic hysterectomy is another procedure that's on the move as new instrumentation, enhanced intraoperative protocols and better pain management practices have patients ready for discharge within 12 hours of surgery.

Expert Opinion
EXPERT OPINIONDr. Kain spoke about what the future of outpatient surgery might look like in the coming years and the latest in reimbursement trends at OR Excellence 2017 in Las Vegas.

We've already witnessed a seismic shift in where complex cases are performed. Now's the time to prepare your facility for the next groundswell of demand for cost-effective and efficient surgery that's sure to shake even more procedures loose from the inherent limitations of inpatient care.

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