Archive January 2018 XIX, No. 1

Ideas That Work: Stay Organized

Don't Lose Your Instruments - or Your Marbles

Flagging Patients TRAY GAMES Use marbles to differentiate trays, which can help keep surgical instrument sets together.

After a surgery, you separate out the instruments from the case by putting the used instruments in one tray and the unused ones in another. But without marking the trays, it can be hard after you reprocess the instruments to remember which instruments belonged to which set. Our solution: We place colored marbles in the trays to keep track of which instruments belong together. For example, put a red marble in both the used and unused instrument trays during reprocessing so you know right away that they go together. Use blue marbles for another set. It makes it easier to keep the sets together, especially if you have several cases going on that day.

Pam Bowen, RN
Kennedy Health System
Washington Township, N.J.

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