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5 Things to Know About Intracameral Antibiotics

They appear to be more effective than topical prophylaxis for preventing endophthalmitis, but they're still not approved by the FDA.

Posted 06/19/19 | Joe Paone | Post a comment

Hold Anesthesia Providers

Accountable in the Battle Against SSIs Q&A with Silvia Munoz-Price, MD, PhD, infectious disease specialist and proponent of proper infection control practices.

Posted 05/07/19 | Post a comment

We Succeeded With Nasal Decolonization

Our protocol is easy to implement, cost-effective and widely accepted by patients.

Posted 05/07/19 | Joanne M. Epstein, BSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

The Case for Cleaner OR Air

We're gaining a better understanding of the infection risks posed by airborne pathogens - and how to mitigate them.

Posted 05/07/19 | Charles Edmiston, Jr., PhD, CIC | Post a comment

Automated Instrument Tracking Seeks and Finds for You

Take full control of every instrument, implant and disposable in your inventory.

Posted 05/07/19 | Daniel Cook, Executive Editor | Post a comment

How Should You Manage Fluid Waste?

You have several options to choose from, but only a few ways to do it safely.

Posted 05/07/19 | Vangie Dennis, RN, CNOR, CMLSO | Post a comment

Speed Up Your Sterile Processing

New technologies and solutions that can help your hard-working techs turn around instruments quickly and safely.

Posted 05/07/19 | Kevin Anderson, BSN, RN, CSSM, CRCST, CER | 2 comments

A Proactive Approach To Preventing Hypothermia

Pre-warming was the difference-maker in our quest to maintain normothermia in patients from pre-op to PACU.

Posted 05/07/19 | Amy Yarbrough, BS, BSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

Surgery's Dirty Little Secret

A closer look at why contaminated instruments continue to turn up in too many ORs.

Posted 05/07/19 | Joe Paone | Post a comment

Inside Our Zero-Tolerance Policy for SSIs

A team-based approach to implementing comprehensive protocols has led to a significant dip in infection rates.

Posted 05/07/19 | Megan L. Lamoreux, RN, BSN, CNOR | Post a comment

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