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Healthcare Information Technology

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What Can Patient Engagement Software Do for You?

Mobile apps can push alerts to your patient that are easily accessed with the touch of a finger.

Posted 08/12/19 | Joe Paone | Post a comment

Real-time OR Monitoring Leads to Better, Safer Surgery

QA with Teodor Grantcharov, MD, PhD, FACS, creator of surgery's 'black box' and believer that data doesn't lie.

Posted 04/03/19 | 3 comments

The Perks of Paperless Preference Cards

Digital platforms take the stress out of knowing you'll have the supplies you need when and where you'll need them.

Posted 04/03/19 | Joni Turner, RN, MSN; Jay Jadlowski | 10 comments

11 Patient Communication Apps

From chatbot-powered pre-op text messaging to AI-driven recovery plans, technology is transforming the patient experience.

Posted 03/14/19 | Jared Bilski | Post a comment

Business Advisor

Sending Pre-op Text Alerts and Reminders

Posted 01/15/19 | Jennifer Dickman, DNP, RN, CPN; Natalie McLane, RN, MSN, CPN | Post a comment

Is Your Data Secure?

Take these steps today to protect your facility from a cyberattack.

Posted 11/02/17 | Anna Merriman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Cyberattack Targets Patient Information at Pa. Endoscopy Center

The incident reinforces the importance of protecting sensitive electronic records from online criminals.

Posted 05/03/17 | Post a comment

Have You Checked Out EMRs Lately?

Today's systems are more useful — and more user-friendly — than ever.

Posted 03/23/17 | Diane Stopyra | Post a comment

Welcome to Surgery's Inflection Point

Today's technological advancements are transforming surgical care.

Posted 03/23/17 | Jonathan Kanevsky, MD | Post a comment

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