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Anesthesia Alert: Believe in the Power of Hypnosis

Sedating patients with guided imagery and local anesthetics

Posted 01/14/20 | Elizabeth Rebello, MD, FASA | Post a comment

Master of the Airway

Are your providers comfortable with an airway device in their hands?

Posted 01/14/20 | Jared Bilski | Post a comment

What's New in Anesthesiology

6 products that can help your providers keep patients comfortable and safe during surgery.

Posted 12/19/19 | Ashish C. Sinha, MD, PhD | Post a comment

Anesthesia Alert: Every Syringe in its Place

Here's a novel way to keep medications organized on the anesthesia cart.

Posted 10/14/19 | Eliot Grigg, MD | 1 comment

Opioids Are Overplayed

There are smarter, more effective ways to manage post-op pain.

Posted 10/14/19 | Jared Bilski | 1 comment

Anesthesia Alert: Predicting Post-op Delirium Severity

New ways of using old screening tools can help you identify at-risk patients.

Posted 08/12/19 | Heidi Lindroth, PhD, RN | Post a comment

Retired Wide Receiver Catching On in the OR

Q&A with Nate Hughes, MD, former NFLer and future anesthesiologist.

Posted 07/23/19 | Post a comment

Should You Go IV-Free?

Oral sedation promises to improve efficiencies and increase patient satisfaction in busy eye centers.

Posted 07/23/19 | Daniel Cook, Executive Editor | 2 comments

True-Life Tales of Trying Airways

Anesthesia experts share their most memorable difficult intubations - and what they learned from their experiences.

Posted 07/23/19 | Jared Bilski | 2 comments

Don't Put Off Patient Warming

Efforts to prevent hypothermia work best when they begin in pre-op.

Posted 07/23/19 | Connie Garrett, MSN, RN, CNL, CNOR | Post a comment

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