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Archive >  December, 2013 XIV, No. 12

Letters & E-mails

Do-It-Yourself Room Turnover
• Re: "Secrets to Speedier Room Turnover" (November, page 24). This was a good article with quite a few good pointers, but some of the recommendations seem geared more toward a hospital setting rather than a freestanding ambulatory surgery center. The most obvious case in point is that we, the healthcare providers, are the housekeeping staff. We also don't have the FTEs for a facilitator nurse or OR assistants. We depend on the scrub tech, the circulator and a few (sometimes only 1) staff members in the hall who aren't actively involved in cases to jump in and help with the turnover. We usually average 15- to 20-minute turnovers, but there's always room for improvement.

Linda W. Frix, RN, BSN, CAPA
Northern Virginia Surgery Center
Fairfax, Va.

room turnover

• We are a small hospital that does not have a transporter or housekeeping during the day to assist with turnover. The only staff available are the techs and RNs doing the case. What do you recommend when you have bare-bones staffing?

Deborah Henning, RN
J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital
Huntingdon, Pa.

For the Record
• Companies Stand Behind Used Ophthalmic Microscopes. We want to set the record straight on refurbished ophthalmic microscopes: The 2 biggest providers — Prescott's and Zeiss — both stand behind the scopes they sell with full warranties. They also offer replacement parts and bulbs, and upgrades that let customers keep up with the newest technology. "4 Questions to Ask About Your Ophthalmic Microscope" (November, page 64) might have been misinterpreted to suggest otherwise.

Prescott's offers a standard 2-year warranty with its refurbished microscopes, versus the industry standard of 1 year for new microscopes. Zeiss says it offers both 1- and 2-year warranties, depending on the product, with most accompanied by 2-year plans.

When it comes to parts, Prescott's says it can replace all consumables — bulbs, boards, casters, monitors, etc. — for all major brands of scopes, including those produced as far back as 20 or 25 years; Zeiss, too, keeps a running inventory of more than 250,000 parts, so older scopes with staying power don't have to be put out to pasture. And when new technology threatens to leave older models behind, both companies say they can upgrade and integrate older scopes to keep them on the cutting edge and save facilities from having to buy all new equipment.

• The Right Way to Reconstitute Dantrolene. "Managing an MH Crisis" (October, Manager's Guide to Staff & Patient Safety, page 12) erroneously stated that the rescue drug dantrolene should be mixed with saline solution. You mix dantrolene with preservative-free sterile water.



When it comes to personal use of mobile devices in the OR, who is the biggest offender?

anesthesia providers..........64%





SOURCE: Outpatient Surgery Magazine InstaPoll, October 2013, n=595
NOTE: 4% of respondents have banned mobile devices from their ORs.

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